Annual Gutter Cleaning Next Week  

Fayette Window Cleaning will be here on Monday and Tuesday next week to clean gutters.  They will distribute contact information to each unit today and tomorrow.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a gutter cleaning company, they do not repair or install gutters. 

Leaf Clean Up on Tuesday 

EcoLandCare will have a crew on site Tuesday to do a general clean up before the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Give to the Garden Donors 

We are happy to acknowledge Kathy Claggett as the latest garden supporter.  Thank you!  And thanks also to the many garden volunteers who help throughout the seasons.  This month thank you goes to David McBeath for his garden clean up efforts.  Thank you! 

Report Unleashed Dog Owners 

If you see an unleashed dog on the property and can accurately identify its owner, please report it to the office.  The reports of dogs being let out of units off-leash and homeowners dealing with what is left behind, continue to come in.  The cartoon is funny, but stepping in what a dog leaves behind is NOT.  As always, thank you to all dog owners who are considerate and do the right thing. 

Waiting For MetroNet Update 

The office has contacted MetroNet regarding the timeframe for LSV's infrastructure installation.  No information has been provided as yet.  We will update everyone once MetroNet responds. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

Ann Michel 

Property Manager 

Lakeshore Village Homeowner Association 


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