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Photo credit: Lewis Gardner (

Photo credit: Lewis Gardner (

Welcome to our sanctuary in the city

Located on Lake Fontaine in the heart of the Blue Grass region, the Lakeshore Village townhome community is unique among urban residential settings. Here you can commune with the natural habitat of Blue Heron, Osprey, even Eagles while boating, hiking or simply relaxing - all within ten minutes of the center of downtown Lexington.  Photos in the slideshow above provided by LSV resident photographers, Lewis Gardner, Lou Leslie, Douglas Wedding and Dr. Guoying Bing.


LSV News to Use

Village News To Use     Thursday, April 8, 2021 

Klausing Group Initial Mowing 

The property had it's initial mowing yesterday by the new contractor, Klausing Group.  They will be back on the property on Friday, April 9 to finish or fine-tune areas that were not finished on Wednesday.  This includes mowing, weedeating and trimming.  If you have any questions or special requests, please let the office know so the information can be discussed with the account manager.  Your patience and feedback is appreciated as they get to know the complexities of the property and homeowner specific requests. Thank you. 

Liz Sheehan 5th District Newsletter 

Click here for helpful information not just concerning the 5th district, but services offered for the entire LFUCG area including upcoming Paper Shred Day, Trash Drop Off Day, etc. 

Garden Support Thank You's 

Thank you to homeowners Wendy Becker, Norma Alweiss and David and Terese McBeath for their continued generous support of the community garden fund!  Thanks to the ongoing financial and volunteer support from homeowners, the garden is looking great this Spring. Thank you also to contractor Steve McCubbins for building the new, much-needed compost bin. Steve built the bin and donated all his time and labor.  If you enjoy produce out of the garden, please consider making a donation to the garden fund if you haven't done so already.  Thank you. 

LELA-LISMA Lake Clean Up Day 

This is a reminder to mark your calendars for the annual volunteer lake cleanup day. Sat., April 24th at 10am weather permitting.  Meet by the guard shack on the causeway.  More details soon. 

HOA Monthly and Spring Insurance Invoice Reminder 

Monthly HOA invoices are due on the 1st of each month.  A $25 late fee is applied to payments received after the 15th.  If you would like information on auto-withdrawal each month, contact the office. 

The Spring Insurance invoices will go out on April 19 with 30 day terms.  If you use auto-withdrawal for your monthly payments but DO NOT want to use this for your insurance payment, please let the office know by May 18. 

Exterior Repairs and Painting Policies and Procedures on the Website 

If you have questions about the CCR requirements for the required exterior repairs and painting, click on the link provided here for the Policies and Procedures posted on the website.  See #3 and #13. 

If you are in a household with multiple email users and you would like to have others added to the News To Use email distribution group, let the office know. 

Thank you. 

Ann Michel 

Property Manager 

Lakeshore Village Homeowner Association 



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Photo Credit: Lewis Gardner (

Photo Credit: Lewis Gardner (