Thursday, April 8, 2021 

Klausing Group Initial Mowing 

The property had it's initial mowing yesterday by the new contractor, Klausing Group.  They will be back on the property on Friday, April 9 to finish or fine-tune areas that were not finished on Wednesday.  This includes mowing, weedeating and trimming.  If you have any questions or special requests, please let the office know so the information can be discussed with the account manager.  Your patience and feedback is appreciated as they get to know the complexities of the property and homeowner specific requests. Thank you. 

Liz Sheehan 5th District Newsletter 

Click here for helpful information not just concerning the 5th district, but services offered for the entire LFUCG area including upcoming Paper Shred Day, Trash Drop Off Day, etc. 

Garden Support Thank You's 

Thank you to homeowners Wendy Becker, Norma Alweiss and David and Terese McBeath for their continued generous support of the community garden fund!  Thanks to the ongoing financial and volunteer support from homeowners, the garden is looking great this Spring. Thank you also to contractor Steve McCubbins for building the new, much-needed compost bin. Steve built the bin and donated all his time and labor.  If you enjoy produce out of the garden, please consider making a donation to the garden fund if you haven't done so already.  Thank you. 

LELA-LISMA Lake Clean Up Day 

This is a reminder to mark your calendars for the annual volunteer lake cleanup day. Sat., April 24th at 10am weather permitting.  Meet by the guard shack on the causeway.  More details soon. 

HOA Monthly and Spring Insurance Invoice Reminder 

Monthly HOA invoices are due on the 1st of each month.  A $25 late fee is applied to payments received after the 15th.  If you would like information on auto-withdrawal each month, contact the office. 

The Spring Insurance invoices will go out on April 19 with 30 day terms.  If you use auto-withdrawal for your monthly payments but DO NOT want to use this for your insurance payment, please let the office know by May 18. 

Exterior Repairs and Painting Policies and Procedures on the Website 

If you have questions about the CCR requirements for the required exterior repairs and painting, click on the link provided here for the Policies and Procedures posted on the website.  See #3 and #13. 

If you are in a household with multiple email users and you would like to have others added to the News To Use email distribution group, let the office know. 

Thank you. 

Ann Michel 

Property Manager 

Lakeshore Village Homeowner Association 


Fri., March 29, 2021  

LELA and LISMA are partnering in a lake cleanup project.  The date set is Sat., April 24th at 10:00am, weather permitting.  The gathering will be at the causeway near the guard shack.  More information will be distributed as the date approaches.  LSV lake users are encouraged to help with this clean up effort. 

Klausing Group will be on the property this week to mulch designated common areas.  Mowing is scheduled to begin next week. 

This is to let you know 2021 Spring Liability Insurance Premium reimbursement invoices will be sent to all homeowners on Monday, April 19th.  Terms are 30 days.  For those who use auto-withdrawal, please let the office know if you prefer to pay with a separate check and  DO NOT want to use this process to pay your insurance.  The second 2021 invoices will be issued in September. Please contact the office with any questions. 

This is a reminder that all boats are to be stored upside down.  If your boat has been allowed to collect water and tree debris over the winter, please clean and flip to the proper storage position as soon as possible.  Thank you to all the boat owners who winterized their boats and stored them properly.  Also, please make certain your boat has been registered with the LSV office and has the LSV sticker and unit number visible.  If your unit number stick has come off, we will provide another or you can use a black permanent marker to add your unit number next to the LSC round sticker.   Call if questions. 


- Please recycle properly.  Breakdown cardboard boxes and use the Blue Rosie bins properly when possible.  PLEASE - NO PLASTIC BAGS OR PAPER OF ANY KIND  IN THE ROSIES. 
- Please leash and pick up after your dog - this includes on your property, front yard and back.  Homeowners, visitors, mowing crews, meter readers, utility line marking crews, contractors, realtors, potential buyers and others walk the property regularly and are  reporting this problem.  No one wants to step in what you've allowed your dog to leave behind and then track it into their homes and cars.   
- No items are to be open-stored on front porches or in carport areas.  Bikes may be hung in your carport area at your own risk.  The HOA recommends keeping bikes locked in storage closets or locked inside your back gated patio area.  Front porches are not to be used for storage of boats, boat paddles, garbage, storage shelving or other utilitarian  items.  Please use your storage closets or back patio areas for  this type of storage.  Of course, outdoor furniture and decor is fine.  
- Please do not use bird feeders mounted at ground level.  Hanging feeders are fine.  Please do not put food of any kind out on the ground for any reason.   Dog and cat dishes are fine on enclosed  back patios.  Unwanted wildlife is being reported inside courtyard  areas.  


  Fri., March 19, 2021 


A new grounds maintenance contractor will be working on the property this year.  Klausing Group is locally owned and operated, conducting business since 1992.  A thorough bidding process was undertaken by the HOA and detailed information and maps of the property were reviewed and discussed.  Spring clean up, mulching and mowing are currently being scheduled.  As with any new contractor working on a complex property, even with thorough discussions, the crew will need time to get to know the property.  We are being assigned one crew and it will be our primary crew for the season.  When shrub trimming is going to take place, it will be announced several days before so homeowners can flag any plants they don't want trimmed.  We have had trouble with this in the past and we have stressed the importance of managing this with Klausing.  Klausing has also been contracted for the next season of snow removal.  This work is performed and invoiced on an event-by-event basis.   Should you have any concerns or problems as the season ramps up, please contact the office immediately.  We will do our best to address it promptly and efficiently. 


First, a big thank you to the garden volunteers who have worked hard over the past couple of weeks creating plans and prepping the gardens for the new season.  Karen Digirolamo, David and Terese McBeath and Lis Reep are the primary garden team but others have helped with moving dirt and loaning tools.  Thank you to Sheila Kenny, Holly Price, Larry Snipes, Gretchen Feld and Josh Reep - and any other homeowners (sorry if we missed naming you here) -  who helped with moving the dirt.  And as always, thank you to the homeowners who have made financial donations to keep the garden going.  Donations may still be made if you enjoy the harvest and would like to help support the community garden. ALSO, there is a small amount of dirt left on a first come, first served, move it yourself basis, to any homeowners who would like to use it.  It is excellent, rich dirt for planting beds or flower pots. It's near the garden and will be there throughout the weekend. You will need to bring your own shovel and containers. 


Plans for the implementation of Phase I (Area B) of the LFUCG Water Quality Incentive Grant Drainage Project are well underway.  There will be communication sent out to all homeowners in Area B and a Q & A session held prior to any work beginning.    (NOTE:  Phases and Areas of the project are outlined in the Study Final Report posted on the LSV website.  Area C was originally included in Phase I but due to LFUCG grant funding limits, it will now be included in Phase II.)   Watch for new announcements coming soon. 


Repairs and surface restoration to the pool deck are currently being scheduled.  The HOA has selected TarlorMade Decorative Concrete and Epoxy to do the project.  Thank you to all homeowners who took time to vote for their preferred deck color.  The surface will be the Dolerite color and finish.  Work is being done with coordination between the HOA, TaylorMade and SwimPro. 


There is a steady stream of visitors to the Village.  Please be sure anyone visiting your unit is aware of No Parking areas and does not block lanes of traffic.  Garbage and recycling trucks are on the property on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week so be sure no trucks or cars block access to the dumpster blinds in any way.   If the driver can't navigate the truck safely due to vehicles parked in his path, he will simply skip emptying that dumpster.  An unemptied dumpster is a big problem for many homeowners.  Also, if a contractor is doing renovation work at your unit, please be sure they are checking for and cleaning up any debris left in the parking area near their truck(s).  Nails and screws must be cleared in these areas to prevent flat tires. 


The pioneer cemetery located on LSV property is currently undergoing clean up.  As a result of removal of honeysuckle and wintercreeper over the past year, an additional 4 stone bases have been uncovered.  Efforts are underway to determine if any headstones remain and if so, they will be uncovered.  When all clean up and stone clearance is complete, the surrounding dirt area will be covered with landscape cloth (thank you homeowner Christin Sims for the donation of landscape cloth for this project) and pea gravel for better preservation.

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