Hello good neighbors!

Our new website is coming along. I’m developing it when time allows and your input is welcome.  The intent is to create a unique user-friendly and useful tool of communication. And we think an eye-catching, dynamic website sends a very positive message about the value of living in Lakeshore Village.

I thought it would be helpful to provide a brief tutorial on how you can use its various assets. You might want to copy & paste this into a document that you can save on your desktop for handy reference.

  • On this homepage (“Home”), you will notice a horizontal menu below the slide show of photos (above.) Let’s start with “Home.”
  • Move your cursor over “Home” – this will activate a “drop-down menu” that you will see pop up on your screen. This menu contains a page providing an this tutorial as well as an “Aerial view and Map” of Lakeshore Village and another leading to this information. Click on these titles and you will be taken to those pages. To return to “Home” at any time as you explore the site, simply click on “Home” in the main menu.
  • Now move your cursor to “Board & Staff.” Clicking on “Board & Staff” takes you to a list of board members, alternate board members and staff. In the meantime, your cursor will have activated another drop-down menu where you can access our list of Committees, CCRs and Bylaws.
  • Next: "Village Life." Topping the drop-down menu here is “Villagers Directory.” This page is password protected, meaning it is accessible only to residents. Please contact the LSV office to receive the password. This list is slowly building as residents send their information (name, unit number and contact info) to lakefontainesite@gmail.com.  If you have not yet provided your information and would like for it to appear on the site, please send to that address. You will also find in this menu "Service Providers," a growing list of tried and proven electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. provided by residents; "Burning Question," a poll concerning Village issues and ideas; "Swap Shop," a place to buy, sell and trade items; "Lost and Found," which speaks for itself; "The Garden," a page devoted to our LSV community garden; "Lake Fontaine;" "Music," where you'll find LSV-related singer-songwriters and bands; and, "Arts," a page devoted to artists residing in the Village.
  • Now to the “Forum.” This is another password-protected page  to ensure that our discussions remain confined to LSV residents. I have created some categories (“General Discussion” – “Issues-Property” – “Issues – Lake Fontaine” and “Announcements”) just to get started. These can be revised, eliminated or expanded as we go along. The intent in establishing this tool is to enable conversation about ideas, issues, concerns, etc. that support and sustain community, safety and property.  It goes without saying that civility is essential. As site-administrator I will monitor and will delete discussion that becomes uncomfortably personal in nature. If, as hoped, this becomes a robust means of communication, I’ll need to recruit a small team to assist with monitoring.
  • “News & Info” is intended to serve as a dynamic, online community-fed newsletter. The drop-down menu takes you to individual items posted to this page. You can email news or information you would like to share with the community to: lakefontainesite@gmail.com. If you would like to include imagery or video to illustrate your story, we’ll figure out a way to share those assets that works for both you and me.
  • “Contact” was set up as a quick and easy way for you to send a brief note to the board or Julie. It’s self-explanatory.
  • Note: when you receive a group email with an image,  that means it came from the website. Ignore “noreply.” The web-designer has to set it up that way in order to conform to the requirements of various email providers such as Gmail, Windstream, Me, etc.  


I will try my best to be as responsive and on top of this, as possible. Please keep in mind that I will be tending to the site as time allows and I’m an extremely busy soul, so your patience is appreciated.


I hope this helps. Please feel welcome to send questions and thoughts.