FYI: water, sewer and internal plumbing plumbing protection


Several LSV residents are using this insurance provider.  American Water Resources is a subsidiary of American Water, the largest investor-owned water utility in the U.S.   AWR provides water, sewer and internal plumbing protection programs to homeowners across the country. 

The AWR Water Line Protection Program covers repairs to a broken or leaking pipe. Normal wear and tear can cause these problems. This plan will cover the cost of repairing the residential water line that runs from your property line to the unit and will provide basic restoration to the repair site up to $5000.

The AWR Sewer Line Protection Program provides up to $8,000 in repairs for your residential sewer line – that’s the pipe between your home and the sewer main in the street. Protection includes $4,000 for sewer service line repair, and $4,000 for road and sidewalk repairs.

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