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There are lots of things longstanding, ongoing and new that the new board is dealing with. Affecting needed repairs is of paramount importance for the safety and attractiveness of our village.
We appreciate everyone's continued patience and help in trying to make our village the best it can be! Contact us anytime here on our website with any concerns, ideas, or compliments! Or you can email us at:

Special Letter To Homeowners

Click here for a letter from your Board of Directors concerning issues which affect homeowners’ sewer lines. Please read, and direct any questions to any member of the Board.

LSV Board of Directors :


Vivian Snipes, Chair - 859-948-9457 

Mike Stratford, Vice Chair - - 859-967-9295 

Karen Digirolamo, Secretary - - 859-536-1322 

Bridge Bickle, Treasurer - - 859-509-0564 


Nana Seitz - - 859-699-8168 

Doug Wedding - - 859-229-6468 

David McBeath - - 859-312-6729 

Evan Vittitow - - 859-872-9025 

Mark Arnold - - 859-619-7517 


Gretchen Feld - - 859-576-3690 

Joanna Rodes - - 859-699-1118 

James Miller - - 859-948-3686 

Property Management 

Sean Smith 

Office: 859-317-8303 


Groundskeeping & Maintenance 

Rick Barker