LSV Committee's


The Beautification Committee strives to create and maintain an attractive natural environment throughout LSV. Beautification Committee members plan, plant and maintain flower beds, as well as continually assess common areas for improvements and enhancements.

Committee Members: Karen DiGirolamo, Tonda Johnson, Kathy Smith, Vicki Phillippi, Dale Vaughn



The Communications Committee strives to ensure effective and efficient communication - both internally and externally to LSV. Internal communications include social media, private on-line groups/blogs, LSV email, electronic document storage and emergency communications procedures for the board. External communications include website management, social media and other forms of LSV visibility. 

Committee Members: Tom Martin



The Finance Committee works to protect assets and manage financial affairs of LSV in a manner which is fiscally responsible to the HOA. The Finance Committee is chaired by the Board Treasurer and creates the annual budget, prepares and presents written financial reports monthly, provides oversight of financial records management, and advises the board regarding LSV financial matters. 

Committee Members: Sue Harn, Tom Josephson, Bridge Bickel



The hospitality committee works to provide newcomers to LSV with a friendly welcome as well as accurate information regarding HOA participation. The Hospitality Committee works in close partnership with the LSV property manager to ensure that new residents receive CCR’s, policies and procedures, pool keys and other items as determined by the committee. 

Committee Members: Sharon Thompson, Hildy Marshall, Jean Welch


Property Advisory

PAC is responsible for monitoring individual units’ compliance with maintenance standards as outlined in the CCR’s Article V. PAC identifies units which are out of compliance and also provides oversight for written communication to individual homeowners regarding needed repairs, timeframes for completion and possible penalties. 

Committee Members: Gretchen Feld, Joanna Rodes



The Social Committee strives to create opportunities for homeowners to interact socially and meet their neighbors. This committee plans social gatherings and events throughout the year which are inclusive of and appealing to all homeowners.

Committee Members: Wendy Becker, Kathy Smith, Sharon Thompson, Stan Petter, Greg Long, Sheila Kenny, Patricia Hughes, Joanna Rodes