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Located on Lake Fontaine in the heart of the Blue Grass region, the Lakeshore Village townhome community is unique among urban residential settings. Here you can commune with the natural habitat of Blue Heron, Osprey, even Eagles while boating, hiking or simply relaxing - all within ten minutes of the center of downtown Lexington.   


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Many reports are coming in to the office of neighbors helping neighbors here at the Village during this time of social isolation.  Food is being shopped for, cooked and/or delivered to those who can't get out.  We also have a homeowner who has gone to NYC to provide her nursing care for the people there.  There are many unseen and untold acts of kindness taking place all around us.  Thank you all. 


All dog owners be advised - this is not a pleasant message to send, but a necessary one: There is an on-going problem in this community with unleashed dogs and owners not picking up after their dogs. It is going to take a community-wide effort to make it stop and you can help.  Due to the continual flow of complaints coming in, we are asking all homeowners who witness non-compliance episodes of dog handling in the Village to do the following:  If possible, politely ask the dog owner if they are aware of the laws and if not, share the information to them. If this isn't successful, and if pictures can be taken to ensure proper identification, please take and submit them with the homeowner unit #.  We don't want to communicate with the wrong homeowner.  If there is any doubt as to who's dog it is, we cannot help solve the problem. We'd prefer to not have to communicate about this at all.   Repeated reports are coming in from these areas: 

-the area near the cemetery - both the open field and behind units 

-large open lakefront area between the clubhouse and boat storage racks 

-all along the Laketower Dr. sidewalk  

- multiple common areas 

A note to parents: Please make certain any children in your household who may walk the dog(s) know the rules and understand why they are important.  Also, if you leave a dog on your patio, please be sure your gate is latched so it cannot get out.  If you have a large dog inside your unit, please make sure your front door/storm door is securely latched so the dog cannot get out.  Thank you to those of you who leash and pick up without question - which is far and away the majority of owners. To those who don't, be advised that leashing and picking up are not optional, regardless of the area you live in.  It's the law and a public health issue.  One thing everyone has in common is this - no one likes to step in dog excrement and no one wants to be frightened by an unknown and unleashed barking dog.  Please call or email the office with questions or concerns.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


In an effort to help homeowners identify potential trespassers using the lake, the HOA asks all homeowners to have their red pool tag with them and visible while at the lake. New signage will be installed indicating the tags are required.  Homeowners are also reminded that if they invite guests to use the lake, the homeowner must accompany the guest.  Please do not invite people to use the lake (friends, family members who don't live here, contractors working on your unit, etc.) if you cannot be with them.  Non-LSV residents may not use the lake or store boats on the property.  The red tags will help residents determine if a call to the non-emergency police number may be necessary if there is a potential trespasser on the property.  Please do not leave any fishing equipment unattended at the lake and secure your boat. All homeowners are encouraged to call the non-emergency number any time they suspect someone is trespassing.  LFUCG POLICE 24-HOUR  NON-EMERGENCY # 859-258-3600   

The HOA has been in communication with the police and they encourage this, not only lakefront, but anywhere on the property. They will dispatch the officers on patrol in the area.  


The LSV pool and clubhouse remain closed until public health restrictions are lifted.  Although LSV is a private property, the pool is considered a public gathering common area and requires local permits, certified operators on site and is monitored by the LFUCG Health Dept..  The time frame for the clubhouse may be different and we will monitor that.  We will open both as soon as it is safe to do so.  Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Thank goodness for the garden - and for the LSV homeowners who make it happen each year!  This year fresh dirt and lots of plantings have gone into the community garden thanks to the generosity of homeowners.  Grant funding was not available for 2020 and many of you answered the call to "Give to the Garden".   Thank you to all our volunteers and thank you to Wendy Becker and David and Terese McBeath for their recent  donations to the garden fund.   A donation of any size makes a difference.  If you enjoy the produce and are in a position to donate to the fund, please do to ensure next year's bounty! 


There currently is no pick up of the blue recycling bins.  The LFUCG Recycling Center has had equipment failure and delays in getting repair parts.  PLEASE DON'T PUT RECYCLING OR TRASH OF ANY KIND IN THE BLUE BINS.  As soon as we get the word that recycling will resume, we will let everyone know.  NOTE:  Paper recycling is still allowed at the big yellow container on Manor Dr. beside the apartments. 


This is a reminder that the regular HOA May Invoice is due on May 1st.  Late fees apply if not received by the 15th.  The Spring Insurance Invoice is due by May 18th.  Thank you. 

Thank you, wash your hands, wear a mask when necessary, check on your neighbors and stay safe.  Let the office know if we can be of assistance. 

Spotted from the causeway. Photo courtesy of Fred Fahmy

Info for New Owners and Realtors

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