Welcome to our sanctuary in the city

Located on Lake Fontaine in the heart of the Blue Grass region, the Lakeshore Village townhome community is unique among urban residential settings. Here you can commune with the natural habitat of Blue Heron, Osprey, even Eagles while boating, hiking or simply relaxing - all within ten minutes of the center of downtown Lexington.   


LSV Boat Auction

Water Quality Incentive Grant Feasibility Study

Click here to read and download the Lakeshore Village Green Infrastructure Feasibility Study. This study is intended to assist in developing a comprehensive understanding and vision for implementing environmentally and financially sustainable stormwater management practices within the Lakeshore Village Community.

Info for New Owners and Realtors

To read or download a handy fact sheet for new LSV residents and realtors, click here. 

Good boy/girl!

We love dogs. But they have rules, too. Click here