Welcome to our sanctuary in the city

Located on Lake Fontaine in the heart of the Blue Grass region, the Lakeshore Village townhome community is unique among urban residential settings. Here you can commune with the natural habitat of Blue Heron, Osprey, even Eagles while boating, hiking or simply relaxing - all within ten minutes of the center of downtown Lexington.  Photos in the slideshow above provided by LSV resident photographers, Lewis Gardner, Lou Leslie, Douglas Wedding and Dr. Guoying Bing.


Photo credit: Lewis Gardner (lewisgardnerphotos.com)

Photo credit: Lewis Gardner (lewisgardnerphotos.com)


Who To Call For Street Lights 

If you notice a street light out along Laketower Dr. on any public property,  please call 311 to report it.  Work was recently done along Laketower Dr. and all lights should be working. 

Cats on the Property 

Most News to Use reminders and information about pets refer to dogs.  Lately, reports have come into the office of an increasing number of cats out on the property.  Some are exhibiting aggressive behavior toward people and even small dogs being walked on a leash.  If you are a pet owner, please follow the CCR guidelines and be sure your cat is licensed and wearing a collar and tag.  This will avoid someone calling the Humane Society to report your pet as a stray.  Also, as cold weather sets in, keep in mind cats are known to crawl up inside car engines or wheel wells for warmth.  Please double check before starting your car. 

Diamond Lost 

Recently a solitaire diamond came out of its setting and was lost somewhere out on the property.  The owner would appreciate everyone keeping an eye out on the chance it may be found.  If you happen to find it, please contact the office. 

Thank you and have a nice weekend. 

Ann Michel 

Property Manager 

Lakeshore Village Homeowner Association 



Photo Credit: Lewis Gardner (lewisgardnerphotos.com)

Photo Credit: Lewis Gardner (lewisgardnerphotos.com)

Spotted from the causeway. Photo courtesy of Fred Fahmy

Info for New Owners and Realtors

To read or download a handy fact sheet for new LSV residents and realtors, click here.