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(Posted March 10, 2016)

As you know from previous announcements and Board meetings, we were able to convince the City, by means of a thorough investigation, brute perseverance, and the help of our City Councilman, Bill Farmer, that it has a legal duty to maintain and repair the city-owned sewer lines within our Village.

We now have more good news. Because the City now acknowledges that the responsibility and cost belong to it, the City is going to come out to the Village, inspect and “tv” all of the main lines, identify areas that need to be cleaned out and repaired, and then send a crew to do the cleaning and repairs. Then, in the future, it will do regular maintenance. (Note that the City will only be taking charge of its own lines. The “laterals” that go from a unit to the main lines are not the City’s responsibility).

We were informed that the above process may begin as soon as two weeks from now.  Many of you will see City workers on the property, utilizing the cleanouts that exist, accessing manholes, etc. The inspection crew will be placing white flags, and may paint white marks at problem spots, in order that the repair crews can then come in and make the repairs at those marked spots. For that reason, PLEASE do not disturb any white flags or cover up any white paint marks that you see. Please advise all children of this as well.

We are very pleased to deliver this news. Many homeowners have had sewer issues involving the City’s lines, and they have been addressed as blockages and backups have occurred. If all goes as has been represented to us, there will now be a proactive approach at no cost to us that will, we hope, mean that the number of sewer problems will be substantially decreased.

We are sure that questions or concerns may arise during this process. If so, please call Property Manager Ann Michel in the first instance—if the issue cannot be resolved by her, she will contact the Board and we will try to get answers.

            - The Lakeshore Village Board of Directors