Our policy concerning the short-term rental of LSV units

To All Homeowners:

As many of you know, the LSV CCR’s generally prohibit  homeowners from conducting commercial activities from LSV dwelling units. This includes short-term rentals such as those through Airbnb and similar websites.

In this regard, the LSV Board became aware in late March that a particular LSV unit was being advertised on at least two short-term rental sites. The Board immediately prepared a cease-and-desist letter which was hand-delivered and sent by certified mail to the homeowner on March 23.  An email to the same effect was sent to the homeowner shortly thereafter. Keeping an eye on the websites, the Board noted that, within approximately two weeks (mid-April), the ads had disappeared. To the Board’s knowledge (after checking as late as today), the ads have not reappeared. The Board believed that the cease-and-desist letter and email had had the desired effect of insuring that the ads were removed, and that no rentals should be expected.

To keep homeowners informed of this matter, this subject was placed on the May 9 Board meeting agenda and discussed at that meeting. Homeowners were reminded of the prohibition against commercial activity/rentals and the reason therefor, and informed that known violations would be pursued.

Despite these efforts, the Board has just recently learned, through postings on Facebook, that certain homeowners may have observed activity that indicates that prohibited rental activities may now be occurring. In this regard, the Board depends on vigilant homeowners to serve as its “eyes and ears” and greatly appreciates those who can provide specific information.

If you have any concrete information about this subject please report it as soon as possible, so that appropriate action may be taken with respect to any violations that may be occurring at this time. Reports may be made to our Property Manager, Ann Michel, or to any board member.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Your LSV Board of Directors
(If you have any questions about this, please contact Wendy Becker at wbecker543@gmail.com.)