2016 Lake Cleanup

Lake Fontaine puts the "lake" in "Lakeshore Village!"  We need to take good care of this precious body of water that distinguishes our village from all others in Lexington.

Some don't, and the result is a buildup of trash that tends to accumulate along the northern shoreline and on the banks of the inlet from Reservoir #1. Other spots also are notorious "receptacles" as wind and waves carry discards to the shoreline.

This year's cleanup had the support of LELA and its powered john-boats. Those bags are full of trash that people tossed into the lake. Please help us keep Lake Fontaine trash-free! 

(L-R: Karen DiGirolamo, Dr. Guoying Bing, Wendy Becker, Sheila Kenny, Bridge Bickle, Tom Martin, Tommy Puckett, Bob Thompson. Not pictured: Lou Leslie, Joel DiGirolamo)